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Ningxia attracts more international students

Updated : January 7, 2022


Ningxia, located in the inland area of northwest China and celebrated for its geological landscapes, was listed as one of "the 46 places to go to in the world" by the New York Times. International students have many great school choices here, including Ningxia University, Ningxia Medical University, North Minzu University, and Yinchuan University of Energy!

More information for admission of international students:

Ningxia University:https://sie.nxu.edu.cn/zsxx1/lxszs_Enrollment1.htm

Ningxia Medical University: http://www.nxmu.edu.cn/ywz/

North Minzu University: https://en.nmu.edu.cn/Admission.htm

Yinchuan University of Energy: http://www.ycu.com.cn/gjjyxy/index.html