The life in Runfeng village

yinchuan.seeningxia.com| Updated: September 20, 2022

Runfeng village in Jinfeng district of Yinchuan, Ningxia, was a relocation project on the "13th Five-Year Plan" (2016-20) of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region. The whole village of Banzigou village in Baiya township of Xiji county, Ningxia, was relocated here, with a total of 1,338 people from 327 households. Since the relocation, the village has been striving to build a new ecological and habitable living environment through the continuous improvement of village management systems.


Photos of Runfeng village [Photo by Zhao Xiaoling and Li Tingyu]

With the goal of creating a demonstration community, Runfeng village has always adhered to the idea of "unite people together for common prosperity" throughout the development process. It has been accelerating economic and social development by introducing enterprises to invest 160 million yuan (about $23 million) and building a poverty alleviation industrial park with an area of 1,050 mu. Since the industrial park was put into operation on May 1st 2020, it has brought employment to 12,000 people annually, increasing local income by 1.4 million yuan.


Photos of the village before the relocation project [Photo by Zhao Xiaoling and Li Tingyu]

"In the past, the family used to have only one bucket of water for daily use, including for washing clothes and cooking food. The living standards were very poor. I am grateful to the government for the relocation project, otherwise we would not have had the opportunity to live such a good life", said a local resident.